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Seberg : a first image of Kristen Stewart in the skin of the icon of the New Wave

the Venice film Festival to the boards of Deauville, the back of Kristen Stewart’s promises to be fulfilled. The american actress will attend the american film Festival where it will receive the 13 September the price Deauville Talent Award 2019. “She has not yet thirty years old but already twenty years of career behind her. Its course is unpredictable and exciting, the franchise is world famous for the cinema of the author the most demanding trace a singular path in the contemporary american cinema,” stresses the Festival in its press release.

Noticed from his eleven years in the role of the daughter of Jodie Foster in Panic Room David Fincher, in 2002, and then in Into The Wild of Sean Penn in 2007, Kristen Stewart became a planetary star thanks to the saga vampire – Twilight . After these five components devoted to impossible love and very blue flower between the too human Bella and the melancholy blood-sucking Edward, Kristen Stewart has chosen as his partner Robert Pattinson – to move towards independent cinema. The French director Olivier Assayas even with Sils Maria the single Caesar given to this day to be a american actress, one of the Best second female role in 2015.

Yvan Attal in Romain Gary

The public of Deauville will have a new insight into this shift with the projection of Seberg . Kristen Stewart will present at the Festival of the seaside resort of normandy, the biopic that the film-maker Benedict Andrews ( Una ) dedicated to the icon of the New Wave, the actress Jean Seberg. The drama, which will be screened out of competition a few days earlier at the Venice film Festival, focuses on the period, in the sixties, where the star of breathless was intimidated by the FBI because of his support for the movement of the Black Panthers and the struggle for civil rights. The actress had even a brief affair with the activist Hakim Jamal, cousin of Malcolm X.

Kristen Stewart sharing the poster of Seberg with Anthony Mackie, Jack O’connell, Margaret Qualley, Vince Vaughn, Zazie Beetz, Stephen Root and Yvan Attal. The French will lend his features to the spouse of Seberg, the novelist Romain Gary. Kristen Stewart will do a cameo appearance in one of the blockbusters of the most anticipated of the year: Charlie’s Angels , the new remake of charlie’s angels , directed by and starring Elizabeth Banks. Released in France on October 30, 2019.

the 45th edition of The american film Festival of Deauville will be held from 6 to 15 September. The programming will be announced on 22 August.

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