The CSU Chairman Horst Seehofer has regrets, the resignation of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, on a new candidate for the CDU presidency.

“It is a pity. I say explicitly: It is a pity,” he said during a visit to the new anchor center for asylum seekers in the Saarland Lebach. “We have done some discussions, but it was always a trusting, mutual respect-based cooperation,” he added. “And so I think it is a pity, that now of this turning point should take place.”

Merkel’s waiver of the CDU in the Federal presidency was, ultimately, a decision that could only make a Person self. “But I will not deny that I regret it.” He had worked together with Merkel, almost three decades. This was “a very, very long fertile period”. “Because you will understand that you need a time to process the also. This is a turning point,” said Seehofer to journalists.

the results of The election in Hesse is as well as the result in Bavaria “not nice”. The consequence of this could be, “our coalition agreement has many substantial, good content for the future of our country, just more consistently.” The coalition did not give results sufficiently. “It is our own fault. The communication has to take place.” Seehofer added, “The people convinced of only one thing: what they do, easy to do, and not constantly every day, even exhort, “Now we have to work together again”.” The were all beautiful formulas, convince but the people.

As a Democrat, you do not need to accept election results such as in Bavaria and in Hessen, “even if you accept such a”. If a politician was only with the success of happy and satisfied, “then you must not enter politics”. Seehofer: “Not all of them are equipped with the nerve strength to handle difficult situations. But for the Leaders it is part of it.”

Seehofer said a decision on his own political career is the last of a total of three issues. First of all, the Bavarian Prime Minister should be elected: “This will rapidly take place now.” In addition, they wanted to get in the next week, the CSU MEP Manfred Weber, the EPP top candidate for the European elections confirmed. Only then the question of “How to do it more then with the CSU, Horst Seehofer, coming?” Seehofer: “we will consult and decide if the first two points are done.”

For your own importance for the loss of Reputation of the Grand coalition, he said: “It is excessive in such matters, often as a cause.” There had been a dispute on the rejection of refugees at borders and the future of the protection of the Constitution President Hans-Georg Maaßen. You have led these debates and with a decision completed. Seehofer added: “Overall, but that was for the political culture, without question.”