Cowed-dissident father Sergiy (Romanov), who founded Sredneuralskaya convent and declared disobedience to the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church, came to the diocesan court for his case. Because of this, the meeting was postponed until July 3, inform

According to the head of the ecclesiastical court of Nicholas Maley, the court “expresses regret about the manifestation of shehurina disobedience, and encourages him again to the fulfillment of monastic vows and priestly oath”.

the next hearing of the monk subpoenaed.

the Abbot of the Temple-on-Blood father Maxim (moneychanger) in the comments said that to speak of “capturing” father Sergius monastery after it imposed a ban in the Ministry, “wrong”.

“This monastery belongs to the diocese, including legally, therefore, the actions of father Sergius, which can be termed as disobedience, there is still the opportunity to fix — said the priest. — In the framework of the judicial process remains to be a window of opportunity.”

Recall that the Abbot cursed those who ordered the closure of temples because of the pandemic, and called for the resignation of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill.

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