Senator: Putin's Russia only richer elite, and ordinary people live in poverty and fear

Built by Vladimir Putin in Russia’s political system only works on securing power and wealth of the elite. So says Republican Senator from the U.S. state of Mississippi Roger Wick, it quoted the “Voice of America”.

In his opinion, in the Russian Federation “crimes against opposition figures, journalists and anyone seriously doubts the power of the state, create a frightening effect and the atmosphere of fear, which does not allow the citizens to speak”. The elite gets richer and increases its power.

Wick added that in Russia there is no government committed to the rule of law and respect for human rights and the state apparatus are mastering techniques such as “fabrication of cases, conduct legal wars, the use of deliberately vague laws about foreign agents and counter-extremism to punish dissidents”.

“In Russia more than three hundred political prisoners,” said Wick, noting that there is no rule of law. “The West must continue to take steps to put pressure on Moscow”, including sanctions, summed up the American legislator.