Sent sick at home with native Muscovite ran to the hostel and had infected other people

Muscovite with coronavirus threatens till seven years of imprisonment for infection COVID-19 two people.

As reported by “KP”, the man with the coronavirus week was treated in the hospital, but because of the lack of serious symptoms, he was discharged home to be treated. Sick instead of going home checked into a hostel in the district of Kuzminki.

that Muscovite with COVID-19 is not treated at home, it became known after visit to the doctor from the clinic. Missing are quickly found. As it turned out, he had infected two people in the hostel, which is now closed for quarantine.

In fact the incident a man opened a criminal case. At the present time it to finish the cure in Observatory. According to the man, he did not return home from the hospital, worrying about family and not wanting to infect them with the coronavirus.

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