Service with a schedule of walks has appeared in

Check the schedule of walks for the inhabitants of your home now available at “Yandex.Maps”. Monday, June 1, in Moscow, you can go outside for walks and sports, but under certain conditions. For example, to go in for sports daily-09:00, and walk — 09:00 to 21:00, but not more than three times per week: twice on weekdays and once on weekends. One of the requirements is to go out only in the mask or respirator. While walking in Moscow will be available to all residents, including those over 65 and citizens with chronic diseases. The mode of isolation will continue to apply to those who are diagnosed with “coronavirus infection”, infection and also people with suspected COVID-19 and those who live with them. Also, you can not leave home to citizens who are obliged to observe the regime of self-isolation by order of the health officer, for example after returning from abroad. The schedule of walks is introduced for two weeks — from June 1 to June 14 — as an experiment. Monday the city will open for free visits to urban parks and green areas. It is worth noting that to issue a pass for walking and sports activities not far from home no need. If Park have to go by car or public transport, it is necessary to issue a one-time digital pass for personal travel. It can be done no more than twice in a calendar week. To June 14 in Moscow extended the high alert. But at the same time from 1 June will reopen on motor and non-food stores, including hypermarkets. Earn a Bicycle and some organizations that provide household services (dry cleaning, laundries, repair shops of clothes and shoes. It is expected that from June 5 to also earn a fair weekend.

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