Seven davidnyc hospitals of Moscow began receiving scheduled patients

After the decision on the transfer to standard mode of 10 urban hospitals, disused earlier for hospitalization of patients with coronavirus, seven of them have already received more than 1.8 thousand patients. These data led the Deputy mayor of Moscow Anastasia Rakova, Recalling that the capital is reduced the number of new cases and stabiliziruemost the number of hospitalizations.

the Clerk explained that the infrastructure redeveloped for COVID-19, in such amounts no longer required.

Among davidnyc hospitals, in question, was the hospital of a name of Pletneva, Mukhin, name Demikhova behalf of Zhadkevich, No. 31, Shabolovka hospital and hospital for war veterans No. 1.

Rakova said, primarily in hospitals began receiving patients scheduled for surgery, traumatology and cardiology. According to her, all doctors were tested for coronavirus infection before starting work, and the interior provides extra ventilation and disinfection of air.

it is Also noted that the planned hospitalization of patients is provided with mask mode and social distance.

we will Remind that for last days in Moscow revealed the lowest in two months the number of new cases of coronavirus — 1040.

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