Seven journalists arrested during pickets in support of Ivan Safronov in Moscow

In the center of Moscow, near the building of FSB, the continued detention of the protesters speaking in support of the suspect in the treason of adviser to the head of “Roscosmos” and ex-journalist of “Kommersant” Ivan Safronov.

As reported by “Interfax”, among the detainees were employees of the “Kommersant” Alexander Chernykh, Marianna Belenkaya Elena Chernenko, and also the journalist of the “Project” Olga Churakova.

Safronov had already taken to the Lefortovo court for election of a preventive measure.

Earlier today it became known about detention Safronov, who, according to the FSB, on the instructions of one of the special services of NATO were collected and passed secret information.

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