Violent storms have hit large parts of Italy and several of the people cost the lives of. The bad weather front with heavy rain and storm should be dealt with on Monday. The Brenner motorway is blocked after a Mudslide on Sunday evening. Also the burner line of the railway was blocked for security reasons.

Four men were killed in the southern Region of Calabria. They had been killed in the vicinity of the city of Crotone by a landslide, as they wanted to repair a storm destroyed the pipe, reported to the police on Sunday, according to news agencies. At the port of Catanzaro in Calabria, the fire brigade found a dead, after a sail was the boat of the flow has been torn.

In South Tyrol went down on Sunday, a mudslide on the Brenner motorway. The important transport corridor between Austria and Italy had to be closed between Brennero and vipiteno, as the operator announced. Several vehicles had been taken by the masses, but only slightly injured, local media reported.

Sad suspicion of Three German confirmed to come in a storm-Chaos on Mallorca killed, DPA,

squalls and heavy rain that is collected also in Sardinia and the neighboring French island of Corsica. The weather services there gusts with wind speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour.

severe weather in Italy: authorities of the highest alarm level

The civil protection, spoke of the exceptional weather conditions and called on to maximum vigilance. In addition, the authorities called for large parts of the country, the highest level of alarm.

In the Veneto Region there are fears of Flooding and landslides. Also in the case of Genoa, a landslide was close to a highway. Several families had to leave their homes and were put up in temporary accommodation. In the Region of Liguria, around Genoa, the authorities warned the inhabitants of the coast in front of a severe storm in the coming hours. On Monday, the schools in the Region should remain closed.

schools in the entire Region, in which Venice is located, will remain closed on Monday. The famous St. mark’s square was flooded on Sunday, as Videos showed. Also in Rome, schools and kindergartens remain closed, the people should remain possible at home. For coastal places of the civil warned flood protection against storm. Also in many Parts of the Tuscan schools to stay on Monday. On the island of Elba, an historic mining pier in the sea collapsed.

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Due to leniency of Anti-Mafia experts were provided with new insights to an old Italian problem: art theft. In 2017, were stolen in Italy 6255 works of art – from museums, private homes and churches.

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