Several popular apps have gone offline around the world

A number of popular apps have stopped working on gadgets around the world. Crashes fixed service Downdetector. So, almost simultaneously went offline applications such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Tinder, Viber, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music. For issues Viber complained more than 600 people worldwide. Most of them (71%) did not have connections, 24% of users could not log in and in 4% it was impossible to send messages. Use confirm in the company. They have promised in the near future to organize the work of the app, urging users not to delete and not reinstall Viber. Similar problems have arisen from users of Tinder. In Instagram 66% complained: could not refresh news feed. In addition, the failure has affected a number of services of “Yandex”. Users often complained about the work site and mail. In “Yandex” claim that the failure occurred “on the side widely used Facebook SDK”.

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