● Sex Pistols – My Way

As usual was written by Claude François and Gilles Thibaut in November 1967 after the break-up between the singer and France Gall. The song is known as the largest generator of annual income of the SACEM. The title has been reprinted in English by Paul Anka under the name My Way before being popularized by Frank Sinatra two years later. The Sex Pistols will offer a recovery punk, sung by the bass player, Sid Vicious.

● Opium of the People, and Didier Band – The Phone crying

Claude François sings The Phone crying in October 1974. It is accompanied by “little” Felicia, girl of Jean-Paul Barkoff, press secretary of the singer. The title itself is inspired by a song of american of George and Tammy and Tina baptized Telephone Call . In 2010, the group albigensian Opium of the People, a collective known for resume variety songs punk style, pick up the handset with Didier’s Band. No girl at the end of the thread but… a bearded skull glabrous.

● VRP – Alexandria Alexandra

That never gave in to “the sirens of Alexandria” and his choreography inevitable? Not the VRP! The proof with this cover ska group’s musical parody of the 1980s after their album Remorse and sad farts . The song, without a doubt, the most famous of Claude François, was released on march 15, 1978, the day of the funeral of his interpreter. The text – which refers to the islamic veil, the Nile river, the lighthouse of Alexandria and the barracuda – evoked Egypt is the birthplace of the singer.

● 2Be3 – Magnolia forever

With Magnolias for Ever , released in November 1977, Claude François confirms the turn disco started a few months earlier with I’m going to Rio . His groove has not escaped the 2Be3. Twenty years later, the most iconic of the boy band French resumes with a skin “dance music” “magnolias” “Cloclo”. Incredibly Kitsch.

● Kenzo Saeki – Mondays in the sun

Claude François dreamed of a “Monday in the sun” in the middle of December 1972. The song was so “hot” that it has been adapted in Spanish under the title Es el amor de verdad . And then in japanese by Kenzo Saeki in a version that is completely insane, to discover below.