It can be the big controversy of the fortnight. Reactions outrageous, screaming genius, Abdelatif Kechiche, who hastily leaves the room, excusing herself: Mektoub, My Love – Intermezzo , which screened in the official competition, Thursday evening, came to shake the end of the Cannes film Festival. Six years after the Palme d’or and the controversy over The Life of Adèle , the French director has stirred the Croisette with his 7th feature film. Experience 3: 28 a.m. radical to overdose, of which three quarters takes place in a nightclub, with the highlight being a scene very raw oral sex of 13 minutes to the toilet.

“now, there’s a buttocks. They have in common to be plump, trembling, interchangeable (…) This show punctuates the action non-existent,”

Eric Neuhoff, Le Figaro,

“Not generic, not actual narration. An intro on an ass, of the plans on the buttocks. And yet. A discussion on the buttocks. Other asses. And it ends with an ass. Beach. Box. Anilingus. Box. End. I love the films of Kechiche but there I have no tracking…”, lamented the director Thibaut Buccellatto on Twitter. “That, there, the buttocks. They have in common to be plump, trembling, interchangeable (…) This show punctuates the action non-existent. This dance and get drunk. These healthy occupations deserved may not be such a period,” notes for its part, our colleague Éric Neuhoff.

others, such as the critic Philippe Rouyer, on the contrary, the view that Kechiche “becoming more sharply polarised its approach as to make us share a crazy night of desires nightclub. Bravo to all the performers who have given themselves completely to play this trance masterfully filmed”.

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“I apologize that you have retained without notice to you and that’s it… I’m going”

Abdelatif Kechiche, at the end of the projection.

A press conference electrical

Friday, on the stroke of 1: 30 in the morning, that is, without waiting for the reaction from the audience, clearly moved and embarrassed, that Kechiche has left the room hurriedly after having delivered in these few words: “I apologize that you have retained without notice to you and that’s it… I’m going to’. Ophelia Bau, one of the main actresses, had already left the scene when the lights turned back on. She has not participated in the photo shoot of the film and has shunned Friday, the press conference of the team. Named for the César for his performance in the first part of the saga, she was “in the middle of shooting”, said a press officer from the film.

“I have tried to show what makes me vibrate me, bodies, bellies,” is justified Kechiche at the press conference, where the actors have barely taken the floor. “I’m filming this magic of the body, of course, that all the world can’t feel this feeling that I try to pass”, he continued, before praising the “talent” of the players. The director has refused to reconsider its methods of work. “It has been a pleasure” to shoot with Kechiche, merely stating the actress Hafsia Herzi, discovery in The Seed and the Mullet of the director of tunisian origin.

cinema experiencing

The very thought of the work is not a surprise from a filmmaker who had already marked the spirits with a sex scene of eight minutes in The Life of Adèle and another sweltering in the opening of Mektoub, My Love – Canto Uno. as a Result of this opus, ode to the desire of nearly three hours, Intermezzo takes the main characters: a young band of Sète. But where the first one went from one place to the other, alternating scenes of day and night, with already a long scene of the night, the second takes place almost exclusively in a nightclub. And while the first part had already received comments on how to film the women focusing on their curves, their buttocks in particular, he repeated high-dose in this second installment.

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the presence of The film in competition-mark in any case the return of the filmmaker’s 58-year-old on the Croisette after the Palme d’or in 2013 for The Life of Adèl e and its actresses and the controversy over the shooting conditions of the film. Léa Seydoux was, in particular, denounced the conditions of filming “horrible”, while Adèle Exarchopoulos, then aged 19, had spoken of “ten whole days to turn” very long sex scene of the film.