Judged for “corruption of minors”, this figure of the PAF had to respond to messages sent to two 15-year-olds, in 2013 and in 2015-2016, which consisted for one of evoking sexual scenarios and, for the second, to ask him to send a photo of him naked.

Faced with the criminal court, the star host of CNews also appeared for having, in 2009, cast a young 16-year-old during which he allegedly asked him to undress and masturbate.

Faced with these accusations, Jean-Marc Morandini, 57, pleaded in turn “humor”, or “recklessness” and challenged any “particular attraction” for minors

The argument did not convince the public prosecutor, who requested a one-year suspended sentence and an obligation of care. “It’s not reckless to have sexualized exchanges with minors, it’s a crime,” said prosecutor Aurélien Brouillet, alarmed by the lack of “awareness” of the defendant.

Pleading for release, the host’s lawyers castigated a file built on “very fluctuating statements” and parasitized by “a media lynching”. “There was no intention to pervert the sexuality” of the complainants, said Me Céline Lasek.

The court first looked at the messages exchanged in 2013 with Romuald (all first names have been changed). This 15-year-old is a fan of the host, who then officiates on NRJ 12, and contacts him on Twitter.

After innocuous exchanges, Mr. Morandini directs the conversation towards the sexual practices of the teenager: “Mdr you are so naughty behind your wise air”, “do you have a hard-on?” The messages read at the hearing leave no room for ambiguity.

The host assumes this “game of seduction” with a young man whose age he says he does not know and who has since withdrawn his complaint.

The president is surprised at signals neglected by the defendant, in particular when Romuald interrupts a conversation because his “mother has to make him recite his (lesson) history”.

Mr. Morandini assures him however: he did not know Romuald’s age and cut ties “immediately” when he was informed.

The facilitator knew, however, the minority of Simon, another 15-year-old with whom he converses on Twitter in 2015-2016 and to whom he will ask, in vain for months, a photo of him naked.

– “We were in humor”, tries the defendant at the bar.

– “He is 15 years old, Mr. Morandini”, is surprised the president.

– “It does not prevent having humor”, replies the host.

At the bar, the plaintiff has another memory. “At no time was it humor,” said the young man with thin glasses. “I wanted to work in the media, it was the only door I had”.

Then comes the case of Clément. In 2009, this 16-year-old teenager is registered on a casting site and receives an email from a certain Claire, behind whom Jean-Marc Morandini hides. He is dangled in a role for a remake of “Ken Park”, a film featuring sex between teenagers.

According to his story, Clément goes to Mr. Morandini’s home where the host leads him to undress and asks him to masturbate, which he refuses before slamming the door.

In court, the host claims to have kept no memory of it and contests. “It couldn’t have happened like that.”

This casting was “a trap”, affirms Me Francis Szpiner, the lawyer of Clément and the association The Voice of the child, qualifying the animator of “predator”.

The court will deliver its judgment on December 5.

A second trial awaits Mr. Morandini for the “sexual harassment” of an actor, an adult, as part of a casting for an erotic web-series.