At the edge of the real and the imaginary, the tangible and the impalpable, the shadow, fascinates. Both the artists who play and compose with it that the spectators that the guess or the track. “As a ghost, a double mystery, an emanation, she haunts the framework of the table and the one in the photograph, or it extends the material of the sculpture,” says David Rosenberg, the curator of the exhibition Shadows , which takes its title from the famous film of 1959, John Cassavetes.

Here, at the Italian Gallery, in the vast space clear, the characters in the scenario are of the works carved in bronze, lying on canvas or paper… They are made by great masters of the Twentieth century as young artists of today. Among the thirty artists and over fifty pieces presented, one is delighted to find William Kentridge and his silhouettes in steel laser-cut from 2016. The South-African artist and filmmaker plays in all its polymorphous work with the theatre of shadows, and the living personages of the cinema of animation.


Another contemporary, Miguel Chevalier who, thanks to its pixels, turns on a character, digital, Body Voxels, The Walker (2017), in-window and its dual resin out of a 3D printer. The visit continues with the diptych of the duo McDermott & McGough Portrait of Jerome and Portrait of Emmanuelle (2001) shadows on the background mapping. Nod to the Noirmont, who were their galleries. The photographic material is not at rest. A very beautiful shot of Shirin Neshat shows silhouettes of veiled women on a sunny beach.

also of note, the fun and intriguing video of Alain Fleischer The Man in the sheets (2000), who for twelve minutes casts doubt in the viewer. How the sheet is manipulated to draw the profile of a man lying? So many mysteries and traces of fugitive haunt many parts of this presentation, rich in discoveries. Of artists from italy, such as Donato Piccolo, Luigi Ontani, or Alessandro Sciaraffa are facing, and sometimes improbable, to historical figures of Man Ray to Andy Warhol and Marcel Duchamp, whose works lent by collectors, not all are for sale. Between light and shadow, the trip invites inevitably reverie.

Shadows, Italian Gallery 15, rue du Louvre (I er ), Tel. : 09 84 43 87 34, Hours : of the mar. fri. 10 h to 19 h,
sam. from 11 am to 19 h. Until 29th June .