Shaposhnikov: When conducting a remote meeting of the Moscow city Duma was not a single failure

According to the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov, has not been a single failure during the first remote session of city Parliament. “Indeed, today the Moscow city Duma for the first time in the history of the passed remote meeting in a remote format. For this April 1 at the meeting of the Moscow city Duma made corresponding changes to the regulations. After that, the apparatus of the Moscow city Duma created a special group, which was engaged in the optimization of all technical means and all conduct of the meeting built on the information management system of the Moscow city Duma, where we work for six years,” he said. As noted Shaposhnikov, were able to put the video stream in a window of the information management system. Was used nationwide development: system MITK (works in the plenary hall), video conference system videoconferencing “Mind”. Now all guidance sessions took place on the Russian platforms, and not had a single crash, said Shaposhnikov. According to him, the Moscow city Duma managed to create the remote working places of deputies to chant on laptops working panel which have deputies in the courtroom. In addition, we have ensured technical safety. “The whole legislative framework and regulatory basis for conducting remote sessions ready, working,” — said the Deputy. Shaposhnikov thanked the staff of the Moscow city Duma and its technical specialists. We will add that in the regulations of the Moscow city Duma provides for the possibility of holding meetings in remote formats. The decision of the Moscow city Duma indicates that remote meetings may be held in conditions of high alert, emergency or other exigent circumstance. This will be a set of information systems of the Duma with video-conferencing. Recall also that the time limits Moscow was extended till may 31. May 12, the use of masks, respirators or other means of respiratory protection and gloves is mandatory in stores, malls, and when travelling on any public transport and taxi. In public areas you still need to observe a minimum distance of five feet.

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