These declines in popularity reflect in particular a severe judgment of the French on the management of the fuel crisis by the executive: more than seven in ten respondents (71%) believe that the government is “poorly managing” this crisis, almost a third (32%) even considering that he manages it “very badly”.

The BVA institute more broadly identifies a deterioration in the image of the President of the Republic “in almost continuous decline since his first election” in 2018 and which “is eroding again on all the indicators tested” compared to the spring 2022.

Thus, while 55% of French people still believed last March that the Head of State had “deep convictions” (73% in April 2018), they are only 49% in this survey. 41% of respondents believe “he knows where he is going”, a drop of 7 points in a few months.

Only 41% of French people believe that he is “capable of making the necessary decisions”, a drop of 12 points since March, which constitutes, notes BVA, another development “notable and harmful because it was until ‘now a recognized strength of the President’.

The changes are also very strong in terms of his competence (40%, -8 points) or even Emmanuel Macron’s ability to reassure (27%, -8 points).

Survey carried out on a sample of 1,001 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over, questioned by Internet on October 19 and 20, according to the quota method.