In Paris to bike it over the cars, cycling in Paris over the taxis …”, already sang Joe Dassin in the early 1970s. Guest in the broadcast of Yann Barthes on TMC, Vincent Lindon, in full promotion of the film Last Love , by Benoît Jacquot, in which he plays Casanova, took the opportunity to be ironical brilliantly on the politics of Anne Hidalgo in the capital.

Very in verve, actor on a ton of fun has listed the initiatives that he deems clearly disastrous, the municipal official and his team, between work galore and deployment lawless and dangerous scooters electric… For him, driving around in the city of light has become a hell and it does not deprive of the condemn: “Before, I was told: “You’re lucky to live in Paris.” I think the opposite now. I think that the people of the province have the chance to live in the province,” he begins.

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in Order to deprecate the conceptions of the good circulation of the parisian according to Anne Hidalgo, Vincent Lindon has appealed to Alexandre Dumas and his great novel The count of Monte-Cristo : “I have the impression that she talked with the abbe Faria (the prisoner who will reveal the existence of a fabulous treasure to Edmond Dantes, ED.) I have the impression that he told her: “Anne, I put a treasure in Paris and you have all the time you want to find it but it is not near the water”. So she has already closed the docks. She digs holes for 17 years, but she said: “We have still not found the gold”. This is fascinating, everything is in the works, there are everywhere”. A metaphor is devastating, to which the mayor has not responded, preferring to retweet the digits of his close advisor Serge Orru, head of circular economy, former director general of the WWF.

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The new lament of Paris in the rush hour

After you have associated with all the municipal team to the shipwreck of a city whose Latin motto is “fluctuat nec mergitur” (floats but does dark not…), Vincent Lindon has taken to the latest fad of the mayor: the scooter. The comedian, still on the same mocking tone, point the finger at this time an especially dangerous: “A scooter where you are driving very fast, preferably with a child of 3 or 4 years that is late for go to school, boulevard Sébastopol at 25 to the hour between two buses, and above all, I request to all the Parisians, without gloves, without a helmet, and I’ll possibly helping the hospital by drawing in the opposite direction of the small bikes on the ground and asking people to move very quickly to possibly tear the hands from the mirrors of the cars that go in front”. After this output, It will become difficult to draw up an indictment more of black political Anne Hidalgo

a scooter from now on over the cars and taxis, … Anne Hidalgo, who seems he loves the French song, just to add, if one believes Vincent Lindon, a new verse to The lament of the rush hour of Joe Dassin…

Vincent Lindon interviewed by Yann Barthes on TMC mocked the policy of Anne Hidalgo

Joe Dassin sings The lament of the rush hour