She has asked friends to help murder her husband terrorized

In the Sverdlovsk region woman and two men were found guilty of murder on preliminary arrangement. The court considered that the woman long been under pressure from the victim, and made her minimum possible

As reported E1.Ru 25-year-old Veronica broke up with her husband and started a new relationship, but the couple is not yet formally divorced. The man did not accept the gap and kept coming to the former wife to quarreling. According to witnesses, he slashed the wheels of cars to the relatives of the women who once threw a brick through the window, threatened to burn the home and bath.

In the end, the woman persuaded her lover and their friend to kill her husband. She lured him to the bath, where men tased the victim. Then Veronica, she dealt with her husband: stabbed him 15 times with a knife. First, the killer hid the body in the garden, then dropped into the swamp. The man was missing, but investigators then learned that his death might be connected to the defendants. The murder occurred in the fall of 2017, and the body was found in March 2019.

In court it became known that the woman before the incident had asked the police to intervene, but it did not help.

the Sentence the woman took out the softest six years in a General regime colony, followed by restriction of freedom for two years. The court took into account mitigating obstoyatelstva — lasting psycho-traumatic situation and the presence of young children.