She has told me why

a Resident of Nizhny Tagil Tatyana Vazhenina hard to bear a child in the period of the pandemic, has given birth, but still can’t pick up the baby from the hospital. His story she shared with the publication TagilCity.

According to the woman, she got pregnant before the epidemic, the pregnancy was difficult due to rhesus-conflict and other risk factors. The child has developed hemolytic disease, required a blood transfusion, but from the system via the umbilical vein in the vessel developed a clot. It was difficult to find a suitable for the diagnosis of the hospital, as needed specialized, said the woman. Thus, according to her, she had all the time to prove that she’s not sick with coronavirus.

a Woman stood on the account in the Perinatal center in Nizhny Tagil, as observed in scientific research Institute OMM, but it is closed on quarantine from-for COVID-19, so I had to bear in Yekaterinburg perinatal center. However, after birth, the nurse didn’t even want to show her baby daughter for fear of infection.

According to mothers, it was tested for the coronavirus twice, shortly before and after giving birth. But back home, the woman was discharged without a child due to suspected infection, while after the birth she complained of problems with feeding on the lactose, but the help she had, but only determined that she has a red throat, and sent home. Now, to return the child to the hospital, the woman once again has to prove that she’s not sick with coronavirus.

“Scared to give birth in a country where this happens, where you have before the birth to seek the hospital, where separate mother from child, because of unfounded suspicions” — said a young mother.

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