Sheila has not finished dealing with his accounts. Last April, she attacked in justice Sylvie Ortega Munos, the companion of his son Ludovic Chancel, who died in July 2017 at the age of 42 from a drug overdose. This time, it is the singer Ringo, the father of her son, she complains. Sheila confided to people magazine. Gala on Wednesday. For a long time now, she no longer sees her former husband. “[If it was], I will give him a slap in the face, but I never came across on not. I know. He was afraid,” she says.

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“I have always considered to be a single mother”


“He lost his son and he didnít even come to see him at the hospital, did not attend his funeral”, details the ancient star of the year “yé-yé”. It has no words strong enough against Guy Bayle, alias Ringo, who was her husband between 1973 and 1979. “I want so much,” she summarizes.

His absence from the funeral of their child makes furious the singer but did not surprise him. “I raised Ludovic without a father. I have always considered to be a single mother”, stated Sheila. “And I think that many of the problems of Ludovic came from the absence of his father,” she continued.

An overdose of cocaine and benzodiazepine

“I said to myself at one point, I’m going far, very far,” says Sheila on her reaction to the death of his son. I am not suicidal, even if in moments of great despair, a madness is always possible”. The former star remembers “the physical pain excruciating as spasms in the belly” that gnawed at her. “On the day of his death, it was as if I had ripped a part of my body,” says she.

“I miss him so much and this absence is unbearable to live,” says Sheila. Ludovic Chancel had been found in her apartment on rue de Longchamp in the Sixteenth arrondissement of Paris after an overdose of cocaine and benzodiazepine – a chemical compound to alleviate the “descent” after taking drugs. He was dead two days later, on July 5, 2017 to the hospital Georges-Pompidou. The circumstances surrounding his death are murky. Her mother refused in Paris Match in November 2017 and the thesis of suicide, lamenting a tragic accident.

“It was cold because I couldn’t take more its excesses, this programmed destruction…”, says Sheila. If she never ceases to proclaim himself to be échinée, in vain, to save his son from drugs, Ludovic Chancel had, other grievances against his mother.

Their conflict turned into open warfare in 2005, when Ludovic Chancel has published the Son , where he reproached his mother not to be quite busy for him. In 2012, harassed by the endless calls from his son who threatened to sabotage his concert at the Olympia, Sheila filed a complaint, resulting in a guard for the young man.

Their relationship had improved in recent years. For the 70 years of the singer, in 2016, he had posted on Facebook: “Despite 1 conflict that separates us… It remains for me my Mom before everything…”

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“inside me, I am only scars. Then, I hang on to positive thoughts,” says Sheila. The song becomes an outlet for her and her fans, of support. “Without them, I don’t think I would have been able to pass the course”, concedes the icon of the 1960s. On the 28th of December next, she will perform on the stage of the salle Pleyel.