Sheremetyevo will resume international terminal D, closed due to pandemic coronavirus

Airport “Sheremetyevo” on July 27, will resume international terminal D, which was closed in April amid falling shipments due COVID-19. As told “Interfax” the head of the Directorate for public relations of the airport Anna zakharenkova, the operation of the terminal will resume in full starting from 00:00 GMT 27 Jul 2020. The Agency interlocutor added that from July 15 to resume the movement of trains terminal-to-terminal transfer airport, which is located under the airfield and connecting the southern (D, E, F) and Northern (C and B) complexes “Sheremetyevo”. Zakharenkova said that “Sheremetyevo” is fully ready to restore international air transport “, taking into account the need to ensure the safety and protection of the health of passengers and guests.” Recall that the D-terminal of the capital airport was closed April 1 after Russia has restricted flights. Earlier, on March 20, was suspended from two international terminals E and S. Since all the flights were serviced through the terminals B and F.

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