Shevchuk recorded a video in support of protesters in Khabarovsk

Musician Yuri Shevchuk responded to the events in Khabarovsk the new video and filmed the live-recording of the famous song of DDT “You are not alone”.

the video begins with documentary shots of the festival with the protesters who shout: “Shevchuk, come, come and play the guitar!”.

In response Shevchuk dedicates to the city song, footage of the execution of which alternate with scenes of rallies in support of ex-the Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgala.

“Hello, friends! Thank you for the invitation. Unfortunately, now we are coming to you can’t, but we have time. And we, of course, with you. In short, the song for you. You are not alone, Khabarovsk!” the musician said.

the day on the official channel of DDT on the YouTube video had been viewed more than 140 thousand times (about the same channel subscribers).

Earlier Shevchuk has expressed support for the protesters in the far East, noting that many people in Russia support the struggle for justice.