Shift workers on hunger strike in the Rostov Observatory

Mines a team of workers returning from their shift in Yakutia, declared a hunger strike in the Observatory. As reported by DonDay, men do not agree with the decision to extend the quarantine for another two weeks. According to the story, the action is voluntary, and they decided, because the authorities do not hear them. “If we talk about what we could be infected in the Observatory, subject to the maximum of protection measures, according to this logic, we can hold indefinitely. We have General chat in up again I we communicate. Hunger strike obscolescence decision. We do not hear”, — said one of the shift workers Ruslan Shkiriatov. Currently, the Observatory remains 32 of shift workers. 30 of them today refused Breakfast and lunch. Documents stating that they agree with the decision that they are left in the Observatory for two weeks, they have not signed.

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