Shift workers serving the project of NOVATEK, has complained that they are not allowed to leave the Yamal

Staff “Arctic Katering SERVIS”, spent a three-month watch in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, demanded to send them home. Shift workers recorded a video message, in which he also complained that the authorities broke their promise and did not raise their salaries.

On the video with the statement of workers posted to YouTube channel “Sabetta. And the life,” responded the local Prosecutor’s office. Also information about violation of labour rights is interested in the Prosecutor’s office.

“the Prosecutor’s office of the Yamal district organized check”, — told the Agency. Required to “immediately provide the necessary oversight activities” and find out, in particular, circumstances relating to the company’s compliance with sanitary-epidemiological requirements “in terms of countering the spread of coronavirus infection,” Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Igor Tkachev.

“Arctic Katering SERVIS” is one of the contractors of the project “Yamal LNG” associated with the production of liquefied natural gas. Controlling stake in “Yamal LNG” NOVATEK has founded by billionaire Leonid Mikhelson.

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