Shirvindt: We are all to blame in the story of Ephraim

the Artistic Director of Theater of satire and actor Alexander Shirvindt called the peers of Michael Efremova “a wonderful guy and actor”.

In his opinion, the tragedy of Ephraim to blame his friends and colleagues who did nothing to help him fight the disease.

“we’re All in this story is guilty. All gasped, shouted: “shame!”. But nothing still globally sharp did,” said Shirvindt in an interview with RIA “Novosti”.

He believes that Yefremov has suffered because of his “illness” and “wild hereditary temperament.” “The tragedy,” added the actor.

the accident with the participation of Ephraim occurred on Smolensk square in Moscow on 8 June. The car of actor Jeep Grand Cherokee left on a strip of oncoming traffic where it collided with a van delivery service, which was ruled by Sergey Zakharov. On the morning of the Zakharov died in the hospital. In the blood of Ephraim found traces of alcohol and drugs.

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