Shopping recommended to put in the sales sinks

Shopping is recommended to install in the trading rooms of sinks with soap for hand washing. The next recommendations to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 published on the website of Rospotrebnadzor. Also shopping I advise you to put in the sales dispensers with antiseptics.

For the prevention of coronavirus, the CPS advises to reduce the possibility of contact between the store employees. It is necessary “to limit droplet and contact mechanisms of transmission”.

we will Remind, earlier today it was reported that the vast majority — 90% — participated in the research of holding “ROMIR” Russians believe that the purity and sterility is an important factor for shops, cafes and other public places. 80% said that after the pandemic coronavirus will pay special attention to cleanliness in the shops and food service locations.

Another 40% of respondents stated that they would continue for several weeks or even several years after the pandemic, to present increased requirements to the purity of the grocery chains and food delivery.

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