The state of health of the man, injured in the chest, has improved but the woman, hit in the head, is still between life and death, according to a source close to the investigation.

The three officials were placed in police custody for “violence with a weapon by a person holding public authority”, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

“This measure is taken because of the seriousness of the consequences of the shots made and in order to verify the conditions of use of their weapons by the persons concerned”, according to the same source.

The three police officers interviewed are two men and a woman, we learned from a police source. Their police custody can last up to forty-eight hours.

Two investigations were opened, one entrusted to the IGPN targeting the police, the other to the Paris judicial police targeting the occupants of the car for attempted homicide on persons holding public authority.

The facts took place at the end of Saturday morning in the 18th arrondissement, in the north of the capital.

Police officers on mountain bikes first noticed “a car with four passengers, one of whom was not wearing his seatbelt”, another police source reported on Saturday.

As they approach, the car “takes off at very high speed”. A little further on, as the officers again attempted to control him, the driver started up again and “ran into the ATV police crew”, according to the police account.

The officials then “use their weapons” on several occasions and seriously injure “the driver and the passenger” in the front, transported to hospital, according to the police source.

The two rear passengers, a man and a woman, were not injured and began to be heard on Saturday, according to the source familiar with the matter.

“Some of the occupants are known to the services. They say they have consumed alcohol and cannabis,” reported another source familiar with the matter.