Shower flooded the town of Nizhniye Sergi introduced a state of emergency

In the town of Nizhniye Sergi in the Sverdlovsk region introduced a state of emergency due to floods caused by heavy rains, reports a press-service regional GU the Ministry of emergency situations.

According to the Agency, in the zone of flooding hit about 200 houses and several administrative buildings. Most of the residents fled waterlogged homes on their own, seven needed help rescuers.

currently, the rescuers, police and essential services of the city tour the flooded homes by boats, checking if there are any people there.

In the area of flooding is de-energized the substations. Liquidation of consequences of flooding involved 255 people with the use of 52 units of equipment and 19 boats.

Recall, the cause of the flooding was heavy rains and a sharp rise in water level in the rivers of the silver Guard.

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