Shrek was a bit in the doldrums of a Castle far, far away. But Chris Meledandri, the father of Moi, moche et méchant and stage decided, at all costs, get out of it. And give a fifth installment to the saga, he entrusted to Variety Tuesday 6 November. The producer, at the head of Illumination wants to revive the most beautiful creations of offices, DreamWorks redeemed by his firm.

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Chris Melandri knows the success of the franchise between the first of the name in 2001, and the fourth episode in 2010. He wants to give to the lovable green ogre in a new youth. “The challenge for us was to find something that does not give the impression of being yet another new film of the saga”, he explains. For all that, he wants to preserve the charm and the success of the movies.

“When you look at these vocal performances, it is said that they were really exceptional,” he says. And while one might legitimately want to reinvent the wheel, I become nostalgic, with the desire to return to these interpretations.” Throughout the saga, Mike Myers gave his voice to Shrek, Eddie Murphy as the Donkey and Antonio Banderas at puss in Boots. In the French version, Alain Chabat lent his voice to the ogre.

The last scene of Shrek 4: It was an end moving, illustrates in a languorous kiss the love of two ogres and a flourishing family is reached with the small Félicia, Farden and Fergus. In front of the crying of the Donkey and puss in boots.

An ogre at the box office

Chris Meledandri is not the only one to think with nostalgia to the saga Shrek . The franchise, to the resounding success on the whole planet, is a golden goose that could pay big dividends. The saga peaked at the box office with Shrek 2 , which reported $ 920 million. Shrek 4 , has been a success slightly less, with $ 750 million.

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Illumination also provides a sequel to the puss in boots , released in 2011. The adventures of the little companion full plume of Shrek had met, also, with considerable success. When a spin-off on the loves of the Ass talkative and strap his companion?