Siberian hospital complained to the Prosecutor's office to the nurse for an interview

the Berd city hospital in the Novosibirsk region has addressed in office of public Prosecutor with the requirement to give assessment to interview your nurses about the non-payment of allowances and the absence of drugs from the coronavirus.

As the “”, informed the staff of the pulmonary Department of city hospital of Cherepovets told that the promised work with coronavirus patients payment has not been received, in addition, according to doctors, to hospital Covina not enough masks and remedies, and sick doctors.

Now the administration Berd city hospital appealed to the Prosecutor’s office and the Department of Roskomnadzor in the Siberian Federal district on the fact of publication in the media of false information about the situation in the hospital.

the hospital said that the required premiums will be paid salary for June, and information about the disease, the coronavirus of the medical staff of pulmonology Department unreliable, since a single confirmed case of coronavirus physicians hospitals are not officially registered. The health Ministry also announced the availability in the Berd hospital PPE supplies.

Earlier on Friday the head of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko said that in Russia from the coronavirus died more than 40 doctors. In updated public list of memory of Russian doctors, nurses, lab technicians and other health workers who died during the pandemic COVID-19, today including 526 people.

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