Simon Yam handled the sword with dexterity in 2003 in a fight freestyle against Angelina Jolie for a scene in the film Tomb Raider: The cradle of life . The reality has caught up with fiction, Saturday, when a man attacked the actor with a knife. But the blade of the attacker had nothing to do with the replica weapons used in the film.

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On the footage filmed by a spectator, you see a man approaching quietly from the scene where stood the actor of 64 years for a promotional event at Zhongshan, in the Guangdong province in southern China. Then the attacker rushes towards Simon Yam, inflicting several stab wounds to the stomach and arm, before the security services would react. Its alleged perpetrator, 53-year-old and placed in detention, has been diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenia.

Still hospitalized

Still hospitalized, Simon Yam, whose real name is Yam Tat-wah, has been operated in a department of intensive care in Hong Kong. “The blows of a knife in the stomach caused minor injuries on the internal organs, have been cured,” said his manager Lester Mo Gee-man. “He’s resting and his condition is stable,” he added, without specifying when the actor could get out of the hospital. It can be seen in another video filmed after the attack, standing, but the hand of blood.

Simon Yam is very well known in China, where it is to the displays of more than 200 films or television dramas. He particularly endorsed the role of villains in feature films known throughout the world as the Ip Man Wilson Yip in 2010, or Tomb raider: The cradle of life by Jan de Bont in 2003. He also played with Jean-Claude Van Damme in The mark of death , and even with Johnny Hallyday in Vengeance , a film directed by Johnnie To in 2009.