Provocative, Sinead O’connor does not stop to talk to her. The old irish singer, who calls Shuhada’ Davitt since his conversion to islam, claimed on 6 November, on Twitter no longer wanting to “hang out” with Whites,” which she described as “repugnant”.

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Criticized from all sides, she is back on his comments in a video posted on the same social network. She explained Saturday he wanted to “piss off the white-supremacist”. “I don’t have a hatred towards Whites, it’s just that I thought that Twitter would remove my page to have it said, because they have deleted my account for having stated that I do not like the nuns who were murdering babies in Ireland”, she says. The video has already been viewed nearly 10,000 times.

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Shuhada Davitt decided on Friday to take on the lead singer of the band U2, also Irish. Bono is his target since as soon years because he refused to take party in the fight against sexual abuse in the catholic Church .

“You want to know that is what has prevented me to act when I had the suicidal ideation (rare) from 2016 (…)? It is the idea that Bono come speak at my funeral”, she said in a posting on Twitter. In 2015, she had tried for the third time to put an end to his days.

Sinead O’connor has also shared a video in which she is on a stage and imitate vocally Bono, by lending him of defamatory words: “Sinead O’connor, or Shuhada Davitt regardless of its name, brings so many problems. Girls need not be complicated, they only need to be sexy.”