Singer Justin Bieber posted a photo with Russian obscenities and exploded in Instagram

Post in Instagram American pop singer Justin Bieber became a hit among Russian-speaking users.

the Musician posted a photo where he sits on the edge of the concrete slab with written on it in large letters Russian swearword. While Bieber has spoken out against racism and supported the Black Lives Matter movement against violence towards African Americans.

“not one life has value, is irrelevant life black men,” reads the caption.

However, the Russian-speaking members turned social statement of the singer in a meme. The publication has already gathered more than 22 thousand comments, and among them a lot of reactions like: “We are Russian, us Bieber”, “the Russians have joined the chat”, “a Mighty Russian language” “Russian go!”.

the Internet has described the situation called “Gaga’s chat”, Recalling how in 2019 Russian-speaking users attacked the Instagram account of Lady Gaga. Then, subscribers were excited at the news that the singer took actor Bradley Cooper at the Russian supermodel Irina Shayk.

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