Singer Svetlana Anokhina apologized for the interview Sobchak about his childhood in Chechnya

the Singer Svetlana Anokhina posted a video of apology for an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, in which she told about his memories held in Chechnya childhood.

In an interview Anokhin, in particular, stated that during the beginning of the armed conflict in Chechnya, where the singer was born, her father worked in the Russian special services, trying from the inside “expose” of Dzhokhar Dudayev. According to ISA, in the end, “they have it covered sort of.”

Also, she admitted that he wants to change the name, but not on the maiden — Vagapova, and take brand new. The Chechen name, says the heroine, it is difficult to live in a “non-world”.

Judging by the content of the video message of ISA, after the interview, she began to receive threats. The girl said that apologizes and asks not to make claims to her family because of what she said. Anokhin also promised never to speak on such topics.

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