there was the majestic Roma Alfonso Cuaron to tell of the daily life of a young domestic servant in a middle-class family of Mexico in the 1970s. Monsieur , Rohena Gera, for discreet, secret, that has the being of a pure chamber music. We will also meet a servant with a big heart and there is something common to the two films in the way of inter-weaving subtly intimate emotions and social criticism.

In Bombay, today, Ratna (Tillotama Shome) is an employee of the house of Ashwin (Vivek Gomber), a young man rich and lonely: he gave up his dreams of becoming a writer in America to take the succession from his father at the head of a company of public works and has just broken up with his fiancée the day of their wedding. Ratna is a young widow after a poor family from the countryside. Her dream is to learn sewing to be a designer and seeks to emancipate her younger sister by sending him money for his studies, with the hope …

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