Unknown burned in the city of Holly springs Mississippi Christian Church because he arranged worship, in spite of the quarantine coronavirus. Next to the First Pentecostal Church Church attackers left the inscription: “Now you stay home, you hypocrites!”, NBC News informs.

the Police are busy searching for suspects and Governor Tate Reeves stated that crushed and angered by the incident. “What creates us a pandemic? Pray for this country,” he called.

I am heartbroken and furious. In Mississippi, a church was just burned to the ground. They had been trying to open services. There was graffiti on the lot which read “Bet you stay home now you hypocrites.”

What is this pandemic doing to us? We need prayer for this country. pic.twitter.com/TdGHqs9evv

— Tate Reeves (@tatereeves) May 21, 2020

Earlier, representatives of the Pentecostal Church tried to challenge the city court ban on holding services.

Meanwhile US President Donald trump came down on the heads of States from criticism for what they don’t reveal to the Church. The U.S. leader threatened to do it myself. While such a right, trump is not on the Constitution, writes BBC News.

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