The filming of On the Rocks Sofia Coppola has not yet started, that the film awakens all the sights. And awakens a certain nostalgia. The director is about to find Bill Murray, sixteen years after the beautiful Lost in Translation . The film, which took place in Tokyo, had in 2003 received the Oscar of the best scenario and the César for best foreign film. Variety revealed on Tuesday that the filming of On the Rocks will begin next month in New York.

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As usual, Sofia Coppola wrote the screenplay, English expression meaning drinking spirits or a cocktail with ice. A title that makes sense to the reading of the short synopsis: a young mother (embodied by Rashida Jones) is reconciled with his father, a playboy and reveler inveterate. With New York as a backdrop. Bill Murray, 68, will play the old playboy. Rashida Jones will propose to the young woman.

will There be there a long scene at the top of the Rockefeller Center, as New Yorkers call it the Rock? We still remember the scenes tours in the beautiful Park Hyatt Hotel Lost in Translation . Specifically, the bar located on the 52nd floor. It was the theatre of intimacy emerging between Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson.

Bill Murray and Rashida Jones have already toured together for Sofia Coppola in A Very Murray Christmas , a short film made in 2015 for Netflix where we can see also Miley Cyrus. Bill Murray played a television presenter who is worried about not see the audience come in, New York being stuck in the snow, to attend her Christmas show.

The first film Apple

On the Rocks will mark the official arrival of Apple in the industry of the seventh art in The last year, the multinational company has signed an agreement with the studios, A24, a production company and independent distribution. On the Rocks is their first joint production.

Apple has not said if the films will come out in the dining room or if they will only be available on its future streaming platform. The giant is not hiding its desire to compete with Netflix. Which has, on its side, winning over the critics and delighted the Venice film Festival and the Golden Globes with Roma .