Slovenia completely free of coronavirus

Macao became one of the first countries in Europe, officially winning the coronavirus after two “test” weeks.

on may 15, the authorities have announced that cases COVID-19 is no longer fixed, and quarantine measures can be lifted.

the Government of Slovenia has imposed a quarantine for citizens of States outside the Schengen area and have not been registered in the country.

the citizens of the EU countries when crossing the border stay in quarantine is not required. The privilege also extends to having registration in Croatia or Italy.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers on Twitter, people are recommended to wear masks in areas where the distance between people is less than 1.5 meters, as well as in transportation and medical facilities.

the country has resumed the operation of shopping centers, cafes, restaurants and services.

Recall that on 15 may the Prime Minister Janez Jansa announced the completion of a coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia.According to him, the country had the best clinical situation in Europe, despite the proximity to Italy — one of the former foci of the pandemic. According to recent reports, contracted 1473 people died in 108 patients.

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