Four setbacks from the first evening: in the Social Affairs Committee on Monday evening, the rapporteur Rist could not prevent her colleagues, including in the majority, from overriding some of her “unfavorable opinions”.

In particular on the amendment of the ecologist Marie-Charlotte Garin, which conditions the reductions in contributions on low wages to the respect by companies of their “obligations in terms of equal pay” between women and men.

“It’s not a way to get there,” objected Ms. Rist, without convincing Astrid Panosyan (Renaissance) rather partisan “to speed up” on this subject, nor Paul Christophe (Horizons), calling for “taking a step forward together”.

Same disavowal on the abolition of old-age contributions for doctors in combined employment and retirement, proposed by Philippe Juvin (LR). The rapporteur would have preferred this “important debate” to take place “very soon in the context of pension reform”.

But Philippe Vigier (MoDem) saw it as an opportunity to “send a strong signal”, while Paul-André Colombani (LIOT) wished not “to deprive ourselves of all the weapons at our disposal” against medical deserts.

The deputies also joined forces to cancel the transfer of contributions from Agirc-Arrco, ie 87 billion euros, the recovery of which was to fall into the hands of Urssaf from January 1.

Unions and employers, who manage the main supplementary pension scheme, were worried last week about a “capture” of their receipts by Social Security. A cause relayed by several deputies, including Thibault Bazin (LR) who warned against a “risk of severe disruption in the pension service”.

Another disappointment on the creation of a tax niche for vehicles made available to home helpers, approved despite a risk of censorship by the Constitutional Council pointed out by Ms. Rist.

So many warnings before approaching the debates on the installation of the doctors or the drug. Sensing the same difficulties during the examination in session, the rapporteur has already told Les Echos to be “moderately optimistic” on a vote on the Social Security budget “without 49.3”.