Born In Algiers in 1986, Kaouther Adimi was 2 years old when he broke the political crisis that culminated in the adoption by referendum of a new Constitution and a sequence of electoral victories of the islamists of the FIS for which we know the result: a civil war of ten years, of which one has not yet counted all the dead. 50.000, 100.000, 150. 000, 200.000?

This is the part buried in the memory of algerian contemporary. Everything written Kaouther Adimi since ballerinas of papicha , published in Algiers in 2010, bears the mark of this decade that has bloodied the country of his childhood.

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In 2017, in a tribute to Edmond Charlot, the first editor of Albert Camus, in wealth , the novelist has, however, taken back a bit by painting the Algeria of the 1930s and the immediate post-war, opposed to that of today in a striking contrast. This trip back in time very noticed him …

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