Like every year, it is an event. What words will have the honor of making their entry in The Petit Larousse, the famous little encyclopedia? Agree or disagree, the French have a passion for the language. The dictionary is a reflection of our society. Here are ten terms to feed these debates. The new words of the Petit Larousse dictionary are given with their definitions. We have a small penchant for a term that came from Quebec, “divulgâcher” to avoid the angliciste and ugly “spoiler”.

Antispécisme (n. m.)

Vision of the world which rejects, by opposition to speciesism, the concept of hierarchy among animal species and, particularly, the superiority of human beings over animals. Giving all individuals, irrespective of the species to which they belong, one and the same moral status, the antispécisme combat all forms of abuse and exploitation of animals.

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Adulescence (n. f.)

generational Phenomenon affecting some young people who, despite their entrance into adulthood, continue to have a behaviour comparable to that usually teenagers: period of life in which observed this phenomenon.

Survivalism (n. m.)

1. Mode of life of a person or a group of people who are preparing for the occurrence, in a more or less long term, a catastrophe (nuclear, ecological, economic, etc), local or global. The new forms of survivalism, which include self-sufficiency, solidarity and self-help cover today’s realities and ideologies varied, and are grouped under the term of néosurvivalisme.

2. Leisure activity of learning to survive in the wild.

Smicardisation (n. f.)

Tend to the increase of the number of employees whose remuneration, is permanently stuck at MINIMUM wage or close to it.

Ubériser (v. f. (Uber, registered name)

made obsolete by an economic model existing, in particular via the use of digital platforms: This start-up has ubérisé the sector of home delivery.

Bore-out (n. m. inv. (English word)

In medicine. Syndrome of burnout due to boredom caused by the lack of work or lack of interesting tasks to perform, leading to a lack of motivation, low self-esteem, as well as an intense physical fatigue and mental burn-out).

Inclusive, Ive (adj.)

That integrates a person or a group by putting an end to their exclusion: the Dream of a more inclusive society based on solidarity. Inclusive school, which seeks to make follow up of common lessons to school-age children, whether or not they are in a situation of disability, putting in place systems adapted to each individual. Writing inclusive, the set of graphic conventions and syntactic aimed at promoting equal representation between men and women in the French grammar. He rejected the idea that the masculine takes precedence grammatically female, writing inclusive suggests, for instance, to indicate the shape or bending female of a word before or after a median point (or middle point) (ex: they / professor ; engineers).

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Cybercrime (n. m.)

1. Cybercrime: a Plan of action to combat cyber crime ; any offence under the cyber crime: The incitement to terrorism on the Internet is a cybercrime.

2. Special. DR. Offence of recover fraudulently on the Internet of personal data in order to use it for illegal purposes (phishing) or to take control of a computer system in order to obtain a ransom (rançongiciel).

Suprémacisme (n. m.) (supremacy)

Ideology that postulates the superiority of a people or a civilization on all others, and legitimate their aspirations hegemonic.

Divulgâcher (v. f.), Quebec. Reveal prematurely a key element of the plot of a work of fiction ; spoiler.