Smolny confirmed the death of 23 St. Petersburg's doctors from COVID-19

In St. Petersburg since the beginning of the pandemic from a new coronavirus infection died 23 physician, reported on the website of the city administration. Their families will receive 1 million rubles.

Also in the Smolny stated that COVID-19 workplace contracted 3 569 health professionals — they all receive lump-sum payments. If we are talking about the infection, the physician will pay 300 thousand rubles, but if after the disease is disability — 500 thousand rubles.

Funds were allocated from the reserve Fund of the city.

Recall that in the memory list now includes 63 St. Petersburg’s doctors killed during a pandemic due to the coronavirus. Most of them Smolny did not recognize the affected by the performance of professional duties.

In late may, the government have estimated that of the 2971 physicians in the performance of duties contracted 2079 people. And it looks like the procedure for recognition of health workers affected by the coronavirus in St. Petersburg, please click here.

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