Smolny held accountable 12 stores trading in commodities

Some St. Petersburg stores continued to sell the goods not the first necessity. During the RAID, the staff of the Committee on control of property identified 12 violators, told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” in the Department.

the Entire staff checked 16 trading objects, four security measures are respected workers and visitors wore masks and gloves, to keep my distance, and the number of visitors was restricted.

Among the offenders were 12 shops, a seller of retail goods are not necessities: kitchenware, jewelry, toys, stationery, tools, plumbing fixtures, appliances and other household items.

So, the alert violated the “Fix Price” at Sytninskaya square, Transport lane, Izmailovsky Avenue and on the street Tsiolkovsky, “rainbow Smile” in the street Shevchenko, the stores network “Leroy Merlin” in the prospectus Testers and Culture. Among the offenders were “Petrovich” on Industrial Avenue and street gliding, “OBI” on Lakhtinsky Avenue and DNS on the prospectus of Engels and Culture.

“the Protocol on administrative offense — an extreme measure in the framework of the fight against the spread of infection, — have added in Committee, noting that, mainly with the staff of the shops involved in raising awareness.

we will Remind, in St. Petersburg from may 12, introduced “mask and glove mode”, the inhabitants were obliged to wear personal protective equipment in public areas.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that in St. Petersburg almost fifty shopping malls broke the rules work during a pandemic.

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