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Smolny said, forcing wild animals to come to the city

Smolny said, forcing wild animals to come to the city

At the St. Petersburg streets all the more common wild animals. In city Committee on the environment asked residents not to feed the forest dwellers.

the Ministry has requested concerned citizens of St. Petersburg noticed a Fox near the village of Strelna. The Committee noted that people create the conditions so that the Fox came into the territory of the city. So, near the houses specialists mobile environmental duty service, which arrived on call, found food for homeless cats.

“Food waste became the main source of reproduction of rodents, which attracted a Fox, and she set up her hole. Faced with competition from other predators, the foxes have also become victims of cats,” — said the Committee.

According to experts, the choice of location for the breeding of foxes is determined by protective, soil and forage conditions. Fox prefers to make burrows away from inhabited places, but in this case, the hole arranged in close proximity to human habitation. This is due to the large amount of food. Even if you bring the family into the woods, they return to their nesting areas. In addition, if you do not remove food base in the form of food waste, the animals will remain there for a long time and it is likely that this is the place to come and others.

“Wild animals don’t just show the territory of the people, especially not satisfied with the hole. In this case, they felt the smell of food, explored the area and saw the prey. Now to the LEAs to send to another direction and show them that it not their territory, it takes time and special deterrent substances”, — said the Agency.

Zoologists placed along the residential area repellent, reminding the inhabitants of Strelna that the foxes can not stand the smell of mothballs and black pepper.

“Disturb Lis is not worth it if they do not touch, danger to humans, they are not. Do not try to feed or attract the attention of the animal, it can frighten him and trigger aggressiveth behavior,” said the Committee.

Also, the experts recalled that for illegal hunting provides for administrative, civil and criminal liability.

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