Smolny said, why not lift the restrictions in the

to Draw on the experience of Moscow in the relaxation of restrictions strictly not necessary. Such opinion on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” was expressed by the Vice-Governor of the Northern capital Evgeny Elin and the chief sanitary doctor of the city Natalia Bashkatova.

“the Answer is simple — Moscow started earlier, and the virus has led to increased diseases in the capital two weeks earlier than in St. Petersburg. You can not compare Moscow and St. Petersburg. We go much more gentle way — not imposed hard limits, and we think it is justified. We believe that we have a more even composition of the population, more educated and qualified and they are ready to comply with all recommendations. That’s why we haven’t closed many business, do not enter a pass. And restrictions now also shoot more accurately than Moscow, we don’t want to flash, so do everything slowly and evenly,” said Elin.

Bashkatova confirmed that each subject has its own specificity in terms of the passage of the epidemic of the coronavirus. She said that now the ratio of infection in St. Petersburg is 0.9, and it allows us to speak about the first stage of the removal of restrictions. Recall that the coefficient of Rt is the number of patients registered in the last four days, divided by the number of registered patients over the previous four days.

“We stood on “the unit”, not moving. In June stabilized the rate of new infections, this is a good forecast to begin to lift restrictions,” added Bashkatova.

According to yellin, the second phase of lifting of restrictions will be possible at least in two weeks, when it becomes clear that the first phase has not led to a mass outbreak.

“At the second stage we will try to convince the CPS to allow to open outdoor cafes, the palaces, one or two of the city Park, navigation channels and zoos,” — said Vice-gubernatthe EO.

He also stressed that despite the opening next Tuesday in the country’s Federal museums and parks in St. Petersburg, they will remain closed. They will open until the third stage of the lifting of restrictions, when the prevalence of infection is at 0.5.

From June 8 in St. Petersburg resumed work stores, shops, offices, construction companies and car dealerships. Churches were allowed to hold services.

today in St. Petersburg recorded 19 thousand 769 cases of coronavirus, 8 thousand 864 recovered, 520 died. For the last day in the city of 303 patients.

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