Smolny: St. Petersburg will have to live in austerity

the Next year or two Saint Petersburg is waiting for a mode of rigid economy. Such statement during meeting of the government was made by the head of the city Finance Committee Andrew Korabelnikov.

“the Situation with the budget revenues will remain challenging in the coming years. The economic recovery will not be instantaneous, it is important not to allow destabilization of the budget,” the official said, noting that the need to prioritize spending and “prudent to spend resources”.

At the meeting, he recalled that in the first six months of the Northern capital earned 295,3 bln rubles, which is lower than last year by 20 billion rubles. The decrease in receipts was recorded in all revenue sources in connection with the restrictions due to pandemic and business support: a postponement of payment, cancellation of advance payments and tax reductions. The expenditure part of the St. Petersburg Treasury already filled to 305 billion rubles, which is 44.2 percent above the figures for the same period of 2019.

Korabelnikov noted that the budget parameters for 2021 mean tough scenario and marginal level of the budget deficit — at the moment the national debt of St. Petersburg had reached 55 billion rubles.

“This is a necessary measure, and we need her to go to fully implement the plans on implementation of national projects and social obligations, and to maintain the achieved level of our investment program,” — said Korabelnikov.

At the same meeting, the head of the city Alexander Beglov reassured all that St. Petersburg in the first half managed to maintain fiscal sustainability, and “the most difficult period passed”.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote that the Governor of St. Petersburg urged to reduce the staff of the city administration to save.

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