A winter check car offer workshops for 19,90 Euro. A good price, why you should make the effort? The thinking of many motorists – and to be pulled over the table.

The workshop network “Caroobi” has asked for 400 companies and says to the Check deserves no workshop. He’s just lost a lure to the customer other, more expensive services and repairs. The Check is just a nice list of allegedly necessary repairs.

A simple winter check can perform any layman. The car has to be not in the workshop. Even small service work to put anyone: For frost-proof wiper of water can each provide. Also wipers you can switch easy and cheap. With a newer car that gets regular Service, there should be no bad Surprises. An old car with defects and long maintenance backlog by the Check alone, of course not.

Know-How ABC winter tyres

In the case of snow and ice, you need winter tires. But why? Why tolerate tire with the snow flake snow and cold better than others?

Gernot Kramper

Kra with Caroobi