Sobchak was released from police

TV Presenter Ksenia Sobchak was released from the police under the obligation about an appearance after detention at the Lubyanka. As reported TASS, said the lawyer of the organization “human Rights Cards” Alexey Pryanishnikov.

“With Ksenia Sobchak took the obligation to appear for drawing up the Protocol on violation of the order of the action (part 5, article 20.2 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation) and released from the police Department,” he said.

According to Pryanishnikov, Sobchak faces a fine up to 20 thousand rubles.

Earlier in the evening in the capital police started arresting the left on pickets in support of journalist, Advisor to the General Director of “Rosatom” Ivan Safronov. Among the detainees was a presenter, although she did not participate in pickets. She came to the Lubyanka in a t-shirt in support Safronov.

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