Sobyanin announced the return of the volunteers in shelters for homeless animals

the city is planning a further gradual easing of the existing restrictions which were introduced due to the coronavirus. This was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin in a blog on his website.

According to him, on may 26 volunteers will be able to re-visit 13 city shelters for the homeless dogs and cats to give medication, feed and walk them.

the Mayor said that graphics visit shelters will form the representatives of the animal protection funds. It is noted that each shelter will not take more than 15 volunteers daily. This Sobyanin reminded of the need to obtain the proper permit is on the website and compliance with health standards.

the Mayor expressed the hope that after the end of the pandemic “will return to normal”. “Muscovites will again begin to take home stray dogs and cats, and volunteers will take care of that, and shelters them as well,” he added.

In recent days in Moscow have revealed 2560 new cases of coronavirus. In all, the city has identified 166 thousand 473 cases of coronavirus.

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