Sobyanin assessed the results of the overhaul of the Moscow city spinal center

Over the past six years the Moscow spinal neurosurgical center at the base hospital # 67 was one of the best in Russia and in the world. This was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin on Thursday to assess the results of the overhaul of the centre.

According to him, new features of Spinal center will allow to increase volume of operations on the spine twice. “It is equipped with the best latest medical technology that is in the world”, — said Sobyanin reminded that the decision on the establishment of a Spinal center at the hospital No. 67 was made in 2014.

the press service of the municipality said that the Spinal center is located in the casualty complex clinical hospital named Vorohoba, which includes four buildings.

currently renovated three buildings. During repair operations were carried out in other operbloka hospital. Renovations to the emergency Department of traumatology will be completed by the end of 2020.

Note that the main profile of the center is the surgical treatment of degenerative diseases and injuries of the spine. Annually the specialists of the center carry out thousands of operations.